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Thread: Auro pilot settings with TruTrak Vision 385

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    Auto pilot settings with TruTrak Vision 385

    Need some help here. I'm trying to get the settings correct with my Truetrak Vizion 380 auto pilot and my 5600. I fly a Glasair Sportsman with an IO390.

    My issue is that when following the heading bug (or NAV track also) the plane moves left 4 degrees then right 4 degree constantly and I don't know which settings to change to make it stay on heading. There's the LAT activity on the TruTrak and the Roll gain on the EFIS. I'm trying to find the right combination to have the plane turn and stop on the heading bug without constantly moving left and right. The manual gives some starting points on settings but I can't seem to figure out which way to go on changes.

    Any help would be appreciated..
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    I am having a similar issue with the xCruze100 (same as Vizion?) and AF5600 in my RV-6a. I have the nav working ok but when flying via the heading bug I get a wing wag. Fwiw, prior to the xCruze100 I had a TruTrak DigiFlight II VSGV and did not have an issue. If you get your situation resolved I’d be most interested in your solution!

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    I also have a TruTrak Vizion 385 in a Glasair Sportsman and dual AFS 5600's. I have my Sportsman on Clamar floats so there's the additional aerodynamic interaction to deal with too. Although the 385 does a good job of tracking, I would like to learn more how the variables in the TruTrak and the AFS interact. A "technical note" on how these two systems interact would be very helpful to get the autopilot to track perfectly. Thanks!!!

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    Its useful to separate the two devices control schemes.

    How does it do following its own heading bug?
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