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Thread: Oil and Fuel pressure VDO sensors

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    Oil and Fuel pressure VDO sensors

    Anyone know the correct ohm range for the Oil and Fuel pressure VDO sensors running on an AFS-3500 s-type and a Lycoming YIO-360-M1B? I found a VDO oil pressure sender 0-145 psi 10-184 ohms w/11 psi low alarm switch 1/8”-27 NPT coming in the mail. The fuel sensor is acting up too again. Need to get the right replacements
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    They should be the 10-180Ω you have selected. We don't normally use the alarm switch versions but if you have a need then go for it.

    We do have the sensors in stock for Oil, Injected Fuel, and even Carbureted Fuel pressures. 503-263-0037 x 2
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