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Thread: Flap position -- all or none?

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    The pinouts are correct, and I do get change in displayed adval as the flaps move. So although electrical damage to the POS is possible, I'm more inclined to think that there might be some actual physical damage or misalignment done to the sensor attachment orientation that occurred while I had the flap motor enclosure open to run the AOA tubing and ADAHRS wiring down the center tunnel. That was not something I was paying attention to while I was wrestling with that particular task. I'll have to reopen that enclosure and see what I might have done.

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    As the flaps deploy, does the % value beside the AD value change uniformly with the AD value? I just went through a scenario that left me with flaps going from 0 at position 1 to 100% at position 2 then 35% at position 3 and 100% again at position 4. That also through off my donut on the AOA screen. I had to re-save the values. I evidently saved one of my values out of order and the percentage value was screwed up. The flaps deployed correctly just didn't show correct on the screen. Ref my post under “Bgill”. May not be the same in your case but something else to check.


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    I'll have to check, thanks. My situation is different from yours, though. My 5400 came with the v16 beta software, and although the 15.1 manual said there would be three positions ...UP - CENTER - DOWN... my display only had two positions...FULL UP and FULL DOWN. I could only set two advals. It only takes 1 second of flap travel for the display to go from FLAPS UP to FLAPS DOWN. Not useful at all. The donut on the AoA works the same way as the flap indicator. Likewise....not useful.

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