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Thread: 5400T - no fuel flow reading

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    5400T - no fuel flow reading

    As I work through the last stages of my 4500 -> 5400 upgrade, I note that I have a fuel flow reading of zero. Looking over the manual, I see that page 135 of the 15.1 install manual says:
    "AF5000 EFIS only -- Pin 5 must be jumpered to Pin 7 to power the fuel flow transducer".

    I didn't do that on my 5400. Is that the reason I don't have a fuel flow reading the red cube?
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    If you are using an SV-EMS with an AF-5000 then this jumper powers the fuel flow transducer. You can verify this by checking voltage supplied to the red-cube with the screen powered. If it is powered then you may have more digging.
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    The orange wire in the network cable to the EMS module isn't connected to anything? Just terminated and has no job in the SV-EMS-220?

    From page 135 of the 15.1 install manual...
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    On SkyView displays the orange supplies 12v power for the fuel flow transducer and hall effect ammeter. Due to internal hardware differences, AF-5000 displays are unable to supply the same 12V out. So, for our systems we jumper pin 5 to 7 to send 8V SkyView Network device power to the fuel flow tranducer and hall effect ammeter, which is good enough.

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    Got it. Cut and terminate the orange wire, get 8 volts from the red wire at pin 7 to pin 5.

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    Interesting exercise. As is often the case, it's never as easy as it looks on paper.

    On the EMS-to-network female connector, if found that a) the wiring colors were mostly different than the diagram, which is fine, just confusing (no orange wire), and b) the harness came with pin 7 already jumpered to pin 5...(pin 5 already had 8 volts). However, checking right at the FT-60, that flow sensor was still getting no power. We were stuck, figured that the problem was in the engine main connector, read and re-read the 15.1 install manual. Jay ended up getting some good advice from Rob, on the spot over the phone...saved us untold headaches. Without that phone call, we never would have figured this out. When we installed the thing, we had moved pin 15 in the 37-pin engine main harness to pin 18. Rob advised we move it back to pin 15 and sent us the new pinout schematic. We did that, which fixed the problem...I now have 8 volts to the Red Cube and it's working fine. A bit of a rodeo, but one more little configuration issue checked off.
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