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Thread: Cabin Light ECB?

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    Cabin Light ECB?

    I just installed some general downlighting under the glareshield and wired it into the "cabin Lights " circuit. The lights are on a switched rheostat dimmer (the kind that clicks off at full dim).
    However, unless I go to the check-elec page and manually turn that CB on every time, the lights will not operate. Seems that the breaker deactivates every time the avionics are powered down. I have tried selecting "on" on the page but it doesn't seem to stay on.
    Any suggestions? am I missing something here?
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    At this time it is necessary to switch the cabin lights circuit on at every boot, and then you can use your dimmer knob to regulate lights for the remainder of the flight. This is slated to be fixed with system software soon.

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