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Thread: ACM ECB questions

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    ACM ECB questions

    AFS Quickpanel with ACM ECB.

    My cabin lights are wired through ACM ECB module, with a manual switch on the panel. After the master switch is turned on, the ECB is always reset to OFF position, regardless of the physical cabin light switch position. So, to turn the cabin lights on, I have to manually reset the circuit breaker to ON, and then use the switch. The circuit will remain on until the master is switched off.

    Is there any way to tell ACM ECB to follow the switch on the panel?

    And another ECB question (which actually may be EFIS question - AF-5600). Since I replaced fuse based ACM with ACM ECB, when I turn on pitot heat, I get "check canopy latch" audio annunciation, and EFIS annunciation as well. Is that a misconfiguration on the ECB that I can correct?


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    Cabin lights: this is due to be fixed in software soon so that the cabin lights circuit will be hot from bootup.

    Pitot: Go to SET--> CAL--> Inputs. One of your three inputs will be set to Usage: CANOPY. Select the Usage field, and change it to PITOT WARN. Hit SAVE and reboot your EFIS.

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    Thanks Jonathon.

    I checked the canopy latch, and yes, I do have the first two inputs wired to door closure sensors on each of the RV-10 doors. The annunciations for inputs 1 and 2 work fine (check pilot door, check passenger door). The type is indeed set to canopy (as I felt it was appropriate). What is strange though, i do not understand why this annunciation comes on with pitot being turned on. Should I not be using input 1 and 2 for door closure sensors?

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    There are three programmable inputs per EFIS screen, if you have an MFD screen you need to program the inputs from that screen directly. If your panel was wired according to our aircraft rear harness schematic, then your pitot heat status wire is connected to your MFD input number #1. This is probably the input that is erroneously designated as a canopy warning, not the two door status switches that are correctly wired and labeled on your PFD.

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    Ah, that makes total sense, thank you!

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