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Thread: Kavlico pressure sensors

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    Kavlico pressure sensors

    I have replaced my EFIS (AFS 4000 series -> 5000 series) and I'm now configuring. Total avionics noob. According to the configuration files in my 4500, the fuel pressure and oil pressure sensors (IO-320) are Kavlico 41,101 (0-50) and 41,301 (0-150) respectively. Last time I flew the 4500, those were all working fine.

    I don't see those specific sensor model numbers as menu choices in the 5400. Am I correct in assuming that those sensors translate to Dynon (Kavlico) part numbers 101716-000 for the fuel pressure sensor and 101693-000, which IS what I see in the configuration menu drop-down?
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    Yes your inference is correct. You need to be aware, however, that both of these sensors are subject to last year's service bulletin regarding leaking Kavlico sensors. While it is not mandatory that your existing sensors be replaced with two of the 150PSI high burst pressure replacements, it is strongly recommended.

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    Thanks Jonathon. I'm aware that the 103757-000 (Dynon part number) 150 psi sensor now supercedes the previous sensors, but wasn't aware of the AFS recommendations and document that you referenced, nor the risk of leak. Or fire.

    At some point, I'll do that sensor upgrade, but right now I just want to finish this prolonged EFIS upgrade and fly the airplane. For the time being, I'm going to just select 101716-000 for the fuel pressure sensor and 101693-000 for the oil pressure sensor and upgrade later.

    I haven't been into the "more" section of the drop-down menu. Does that new Dynon/Kavlico sensor 103757-000 show up in the drop-down fuel and oil sensor probe choices? If not, what do I select for sensors when I switch?
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    Yes the high burst pressure replacement Kavlico sensors are directly selectable as fuel and oil PSI options on AF-5000 v16 software.

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    Excellent. I just ordered a couple. Will install them after I get the current arrangement running. If I can figure out how and where to install them.

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    I have installed the high burst pressure replacement Kavlico sensors and according to the above post they are directly selectable as fuel and oil PSI options on AF-5000 v16 software. Is this a drop down selection or do I have to manually input certain values for the fuel pressure to read properly? I remember seeing something on the Vans Forum about having to log in as administrator then manually enter values for the sensors to read properly.

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    With the EMS-220 that MacCool is using, it is only possible to directly choose the correct sensor from the drop down list. For fuel PSI, this requires v16 software as the calibration profile for the 150PSI sender was not loaded on earlier software. With the AFS internal EMS, it is possible to go into admin mode and enter a custom calibration profile. As such, internal EMS users can properly calibrate a 150PSI Kavlico fuel PSI by manually entering the calibration, even on pre V16 software.

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    I have an AFS 5500 touchscreen with the Skyview network, internal EMS and version 16 is loaded and working. How do I manually enter the calibration and what values are entered so the new Kavlico sensor will accurately reflect fuel pressure? I can’t find anything in the manual on what values to enter. Someone on the Vans Forum posted it once but I cannot find it. Can you please post instructions or send me an e-mail how to do it?

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    In the AFS v16 software from December 2020, AFS doesn't have a drop down entry in the oil pressure and fuel pressure configuration pages specifically for the new Kavlico 103757-000 150 psi sensor, which is the sensor now recommended in the service bulletin from May (Dynon and Garmin had the same bulletin).

    In that software, however, AFS does have an option for the Kavlico 150psi 101693-000 sensor in both the fuel pressure and the oil pressure menus. I assume that for both fuel and oil pressure configurations for the new Kavlico high-pressure sensors, the pins and wiring remain the same and I would select the entry for "Kavlico Fluid Pressure 0-150...101693-000"? That will work, right? Do I then have to do something with the Ad Value for each sensor?
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    While it does not reference the Dynon 103757-000 part #, the new sensor is selectable (scroll all the way down) as KAVLICO 150 PSI FLUID HBP (AFS 41150) in v16 software for both oil and fuel psi. The new and old sensors are electrically identical, so selecting the old 101693-000 sensor works just as well.

    Oly: Go to SET--> CAL (hold2s)--> Admin Settings--> Administrator Mode. Enter ‘1010’ into the field and press SAVE.
    Once in admin mode, back out into Instrument Calibration and go into the Fuel Pressure menu. Change the "Num Cal Points" to 2, and edit the calibration table as follows:

    DISPLAY (PSI) ------ ADVAL
    0.0 ------------------ 500
    100.0 ---------------- 3167

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