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Thread: Kavlico pressure sensors

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    While it does not reference the Dynon 103757-000 part #, the new sensor is selectable (scroll all the way down) as KAVLICO 150 PSI FLUID HBP (AFS 41150) in v16 software for both oil and fuel psi. The new and old sensors are electrically identical, so selecting the old 101693-000 sensor works just as well.
    OK, thanks. Are my current sensors (oil/fuel pressure, MAP, oil temp) likely to have to be re-calibrated? (airplane is down briefly awaiting new boost pump). If so, is that just a matter of using "Shift Adjust" to set oil and fuel pressure to "0", MAP to ambient, and oil temp to ambient? The manual suggests some this but doesn't specifically address calibration of the oil and fuel pressures except for Rotax..
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