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Thread: Erasing Flight Log

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    Erasing Flight Log

    I am hoping you guys can help me - I must be messing up my switchology - but sometime - but not every time I copy my engine data I delete the time from my flight log.

    OK I know that isn
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    To delete all the entries from your flight log would be [SET] -> [LOGS] -> [LOGBOOK] -> then press and hold [DEL ALL]

    To download your engine data logs would be [SET] -> [LOGS] -> then press one of the [LST FLT]/[TODAY]/[5 HRS]/[10 HRS]/[20 HRS]/[ALL]
    • [LST FLT] Copy out data equal to [CHECK] -> [MAINT] -> LAST FLT: X.XX
    • [TODAY] Copy out data equal to [CHECK] -> [MAINT] -> TODAY: X.XX
    • [5 HRS] Copy out previous 5 hours of data.
    • [10 HRS] Copy out previous 10 hours of data.
    • [20 HRS] Copy out previous 20 hours of data.
    • [ALL] Copy out all data available.
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