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    I see that Garmin and others are selling a Take off/Go around button in their systems. I must admit I’m not sure what it does or how it works but is this something that Dynon or AFS might develop one day?
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    Servo based throttle control is within the Dynon brand vision.
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    I am also interested in a Go Around button as the current method of activating a missed approach has too many button pushes. I have to execute the Go Around on the GTN 650 for lateral tracking guidance to the MAP but ALSO engaging a vertical mode with the autopilot.

    Is there a way to have ONE BUTTON to execute a Go Around then just add power like Garmin does? The Dynon HDX Manual talks about it but not a lot of specifics on how to install it or wire it.
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    Go around button

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    TO/GA capability is planned. Even when complete it will still be necessary to separately sequence the missed on the Garmin, this just isn't something we can command the GTN to do.

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    Have you tried wiring a button to a GTN650 input and configuring it as Remote Go Around?

    As soon as the GTN Activates a missed approach the AF-5000 autopilot will climb to the altitude bug. When I am on an approach in the RV-10 as soon as the autopilot vertical mode switches to VNAV I set the altitude bug to the missed altitude. When I use the GTN650xi in the RV-10 I need to press the Activate Missed Approach button so that the autopilot will fly the missed approach guidance from the GTN.

    When I am using the Avidyne IFD550 it will automatically sequence to flying the missed approach at the MAP without any button presses
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    Add the GA switch to the Garmin GTN 650 discrete pin and it's a one button pussh and the autopilot will fly the missed approach just like a Garmin autopilot.

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