I've called customer service at SiriusXM and they've been of little help so I'm hoping for someone that has some experience with this. I see several subscription packages available and I cannot get a good answer from Sirius XM on which one will work for me. I have the WR10BT radio with bluetooth enabled and setup for AFS. I have 2x AF-5600 panels.

The information that I am seeing on the SiriusXM website says this:

- 39.99usd/mo Pilot for Foreflight package - it is the only one compatible with Foreflight. It doesn't say that it is not compatible with anything else, just that if you want to connect it to foreflight this is the one you need. It has all the features that I want and the one I would order if it is compatible with WxWorx and AF-5000.

-59.99usd/mo Pilot preferred package. Offers more features than I need and I'm pretty sure it is compatible with AF-5600. If I can save $240 a year and get what I need I'll put that towards avgas.

When I talked to XM customer service they only show support for Garmin radios with either package. They don't seem to have any support information for anything else so they couldn't answer any of my questions.

This is for use in Canada so the Pilot Express package is not a good option since it doesn't include Canadian wx radar.