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Thread: 4500s..."AHRS OFFLINE". What did I do?

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    4500s..."AHRS OFFLINE". What did I do?

    I have a 4500s and 3400 in my RV-9A. They've been working well...nice setup. Until today...

    Last time I flew, last week, the EFIS worked great...all systems online. Today, when I started the plane, everything went through its usual bootup routine, I waited, GPS was good but I ultimately got "AHRS OFFLINE" on the 4500s, and obviously no AHRS data - big red X. Everything else was working fine -- airspeed, engine, GPS etc, and the map display on the 3400 was working fine, still getting all data from the 430W as usual.

    Key data point...I was poking around in the menu system the other day after a normal flight, looking for the serial number of the unit so AFS could transfer ownership. It's ... "conceivable" ...that I changed an Admin setting accidentally .

    So my question: Is there an Admin setting I might have changed that would have taken the AHRS component offline? Embarrassed to ask, but I like this unit and I'm hoping that my un-educated menu-futzing may be the culprit.

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    Could you have changed serial port assignment or deconfigured something? Best to go back and look at assigned ports to make sure they are correct.
    Dave Ford

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    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking (hoping). Either the 4500s is broken, or I screwed up a configuration setting, or the ADAHRS module is broken/disconnected. Hopefully a setting, since it was working fine until I did my wayward menu search, blundering through the settings tab.

    I note that Crossbow is out of business. Just out of curiosity, is there a replacement AHRS that will work with an old 4500s EFIS?
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    Check the AHRS type setting in ADMIN Settings
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Hickman View Post
    Check the AHRS type setting in ADMIN Settings
    72012 XBOW AHRS

    AHRS Module Config on the 4500 is HW:INT, NET:TXD
    AHRS Module Config on the 3400 is HW:OFF, NET:RXD
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