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Thread: AF-5500 controls locked up while changing airport

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    AF-5500 controls locked up while changing airport

    I had this happen twice, once recently - wanted to report it as a PIREP.

    In flight I was attempting to change the airport (AF-5500, SeaRey). I hit the COM button to pop out the radio, then used the knob to begin entering the airport ID. At some point while twisting / tuning, the input controls to the EFIS stopped responding. The display (altitude, heading, engine instruments, etc.) continued to update. But I could not enter the airport ID, nor back out of the radio panel.

    Both times I eventually did an in-flight reboot (I was in severe clear VFR conditions) and everything was fine. It might be pilot error, though I wouldn't expect anything a pilot could do should lock up the input controls. After the in-flight restart I was able to enter the destination airport without incident.

    Screenshot attached.

    -Ed Harris
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    Email your EFIS system log file to
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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