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Thread: Errors unzipping high resolution terrain download

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    Errors unzipping high resolution terrain download

    When expanding this file "", after it hits about 41% complete, I start getting a whole bunch of file errors. I think it says something like 'error extracting file blah' and then says no details are available. You can retry (which will fail) or skip. I manually skipped about 25 of these and it was still only 42% of the way there, so I said skip all. But this means I have a whole bunch of files missing on my thumb drive. What's the solution to this problem?

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    Either the download didn't complete correctly or you ran out of space on the extracted location. The HRTERRAIN folder from reg 02 should end-up with 2,823 files and aboud 2.32 GB.

    I'd probably start by deleting the previous download and retrying.
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