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Thread: Intermittent shutdown off autopilot with Advanced Quick Panel?

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    Intermittent shutdown off autopilot with Advanced Quick Panel?

    I have started to experience intermittent shutdown or inability to turn on my autopilot for no apparent reason. I have an Advanced Panel with ACM. I always leave the autopilot switch in the on position as stated in the manual but just recently the autopilot will not boot up and remain x-d out. Usually cycling the autopilot switch off then back on will correct it but just recently it will not even come back up cycling the switch. When functioning and not x-d out it does disconnect correctly when commanded. Has anyone else experienced this with an Advanced Quick panel with integrated ACM. I tried to access the autopilot reset circuit in the electrical page of the ECM but see no way to reset or turn the autopilot circuit on/off like all other circuits that way.? Could this be a bug?
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    The "SERVOS" item on the CHECK -> ELEC page should give you the status of power applied to the autopilot servos. If you flip the physical switch are you seeing the status change from off to on? When you engage the servos are you seeing current increase?
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    What version of software are you running? Please email your system logs to
    Rob Hickman
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    I,am running your latest edition of software. I just got new thumb drives from you on 8/2020 with the latest software and data and updated my 5600t screens. My old thumb drives were showing glitches and became corrupt when I tried to download Seattle Avionics updates.. My autopilot has started to drop offline for no apparent reason now..I was able to cycle the autopilot switch off/ and get it to come back up but now it is not coming back on after engine start no matter how many times I cycle the switch. I totally forgot about turning on the servos via the CHECK>ELEC>SERVOS as recommended by Shawn.I got tunnel vision and was looking for a CHECK>ELEC>AUTOPILOT circuit to reset. Any chance this may be the ACM kicking the autopilot off? Voltage spikes tripping the circuit? FYI,The light on the autopilot switch is still on.

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    Are you running the V15 software from our web site or do you have our beta V16 software?

    I doubt that it is an ACM or voltage spike issue. Send me an email with the system logs
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Pretty sure it V15. I will check that this weekend and pull a system log and email it to you.

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