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Thread: ADSB Targets on the Avidyne IFD-540

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    ADSB Targets on the Avidyne IFD-540

    Hello all,
    Am I supposed to be getting ADSB targets displaying on the avidyne screen as well? I have configured everything to the latest software and adsb works great on the 5600 screens. I get a "429 data not received" message as well as a datalink error message. all ports are set as described in the install manual.

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    You should not get the 429 data not received or datalink error message if everything is wired and configured correctly, but you also won’t get traffic to ifd540. You should get weather though to ifd. Just went through this.

    Edit: You can get traffic to ifd540 but there is no way to filter your ownship and you will get annoying traffic warnings, so I just turned it off to ifd.
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    Dave Ford

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    Thanks for the response. Is there any way that you can post your ifd dat settings as well as your serial port settings ifd on the asvanced screens? I know that the wiring is correct...I'm sure that it is just a setting. Thanks in advance.

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    Next time at the hangar I’ll get some photos
    Dave Ford

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    Thanks! Id appreciate it.

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    Not sure if you went through this but here is setup from afs manual.
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    Dave Ford

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    Hope this helps

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    Dave Ford

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    Thank you! I will take a look at these settings tomorrow when we fly.

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    The setting in the last picture is not correct. You should have it set to: capstone HS TRFC+WX
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    The reason I turned traffic off was because my ownship was always showing up on ifd550 triggering an annoying traffic alert. From what I understand there’s no way to filter ownship from ifd550 so I just use weather since I have traffic with afs.
    Dave Ford

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