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Thread: How do I get ADS-B WX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Hickman View Post
    This is not exactly correct, your avionics guy was trying to use the DRX as the GPS data source for the EFIS and I told him that would not work. The DRX would have worked to get ADSB weather and traffic on the EFIS. The most reliable way to get ADSB data is to use our wired Dynon SV-ADSB-472 receiver. The AF-5000 has 5 RS-232 serial ports, same as a Dynon Skyview. Email me a list of your current EFIS serial port settings.
    Sigh, that is not what he told me. Oh well, water under the bridge...
    I have the general Support e-mail. Will that work?
    I'm guessing I get the EFIS serial port settings via: SET>CAL>ADMIN and then write down the information found under "Serial Port Functions." Yes?
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    JJ, yes email to If you take a screenshot of the SET--> CAL--> Admin Settings page with your phone, and email the picture, that is best.

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