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Thread: Lost all navigation

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    Lost all navigation

    I was flying around the EL Paso area this week when both of my GPS receivers went offline. I have a AF5600, GTN650, TRIO Pro pilot autopilot, and a garmin 696 back up wired to nav 2. I switched to the VOR and got a green CDI but the autopilot would not maintain heading. It just flashed NO GPS!! I assumed you could fly a vor radial because you can track a ILS approach.
    I found out that the military was jamming the gps signal for some sort of testing. this could have been very ugly in solid IFR conditions.
    Is there any way to navigate with an autopilot using only a VOR receiver?


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    They do the same tests from time to time near us as well. VOR would still be part of the NAV mode within the autopilot. You just need to change the GNAV1 mode from AUTO or GPS to NAV.
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