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    Tach time

    I am new to the AF5500 installed in a Searey. I have rebuilt this airplane and installed a new to it Rotax 914UL. I have about 2 hours on the plane now and the Tach has only incremented by about .75 hours. I have seen that it should log anything above 1250 RPM. My idle is at 1800 RPM so I would think it should be logging more tach time that it is. Is the tach recording a settable RPM? Also can I set the tach time for the replacement engine? The engine has about 104 hours on it.

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    An AF-5000 will accumulate tach time for the Rotax above 3500 RPM. Hobbs for Rotax will accumulate above 500 RPM. You can adjust the values from within Calibration -> Admin Settings -> Set Tach and Hobbs Time
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