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Thread: AFS4500 SD card reader issue

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    AFS4500 SD card reader issue

    For some reason on one of my two 4500 displays when I remove the SD card to update the map database when I put the card back in and boot it does not see the database. I remove it and reload the database a few times and then finally works. Today I just removed the card after I saw the current database on the splash screen. When I put the card back in the slot the database was gone. Thinking it might be a bad card reader in the unit.
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    the sd cards do seem to wear out
    why don't you try a new sd card

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    When you insert the card and it doesn't find the database are you getting the blue SD card icon in the lower corner?

    If you are always getting the blue SD card in the lower corner then it's most likely something to do with the data stored. You will want to make sure you are ejecting the media properly before removing it from the programming device. Sometimes performing a fresh format also can fix this type of issue.

    If the blue icon is intermittent then it's normally time to look at the hardware, start with new or different cards as recommended. The most common physical problem is broken solder joints which can normally be noticed by applying small amount of pressure to the card in different directions. You might find the when lightly pressing the card left the map has no issue until you release the pressure. This would be a good indication.
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