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Thread: ACM Wig-Wag Pulse Length

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    ACM Wig-Wag Pulse Length

    I have the Aveo ZipTip lights and am using the ACM airspeed wig wag feature. The lights are all LED and the pulse length is pretty short. Is there a way to make the pulse length longer? As of now, the lights almost flash instead of pulse. Not strobe like, but pretty fast. Thanks.

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    The wig wag timing is :

    There is never a light OFF and they switch every .5 seconds with a 50ms overlap
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    Looking at the ZipTip wiring, when wired to the ACM you shouldn't be using the Wig Wag Synchro or Wig Wag Control wires, they should be unconnected. The Landing Power wire would go to our Left Land and Right Land pins so the ACM can control the wigwag directly.

    If you wanted the ZipTip to control the wigway you can set the ACM to steady mode.
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