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Thread: Installation Planning Questions

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    Installation Planning Questions

    Updating with answers Rob gave me by phone (in case others have same questions)...

    I just purchased a 5600, ADAHRS, EMS220, GPS250, Backup battery, ARINC and ADSB receiver + cables. I currently have a 4500 on the pilot side and 3500 on the passenger side. My plan is to move the 4500 to the right and putt the 5600 in front of the pilot. I'm mapping out my installation and have a few questions based on what I've read in the AF5000 manual:
    1. When installing the ADAHRS I see that I want the unit to be very closely aligned with all axes. For the pitch axis, should I measure that with respect to level flight attitude? Or is that relative to it's position while sitting on level ground? [Answer: Align relative to in-flight attitude]
    2. Looks like I'll require SV-Net cables for the 5600, ADAHRS, EMS220, ARINC and for 2 new dynon autopilot servos. That's 6 connections. I only have a 5 port hub. Do I need a bigger hub? Or is one of these SV-Net connections not needed? [Answer: It is possible to wire the 2 servos together and connect them via a single DB9 connector]
    3. I already have an OAT sensor wired into the EFIS main cable for the pilot side. Can I reuse that with the 5600? Or do I need to use the new OAT I bought and wire that into the ADAHRS? [Answer: Need to use the new OAT sensor]
    4. I am planning to re-use the existing wiring from the TruTrak autopilot servos when I install the new Dynons. The power and ground are straightforward. I'll connect the other servo wires to DB9 connectors at each end to make SV-Net cables. Any concerns with that plan? Do I need to shield the SV-Net cable? [Answer: Should work OK]
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