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Thread: Traffic Alerts

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    Traffic Alerts

    AFS 5600 Touch Screen:

    Is there a way to set parameters so that I am not getting traffic alerts for aircraft 4,000' feet above me and climbing, etc.?

    If yes, how do you do it and what are some good settings to use?
    Sport Pilot
    Tecnam P92 Eaglet N693JP

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    You should only be getting a traffic alert when a traffic target is a real threat, it is pretty rare that I ever get a traffic alert in my plane. Things you should verify:

    1. Have you done and passed a FAA ADSB performance report?
    2. Is your n number correct in the EFIS settings?
    3. On the map are you seeing a green OK or NO RADAR? No radar means the FAA ADS-B system is not tracking you and responding with your traffic data.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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