I have an AFS 4500 with an O-360 engine on my RV9.
Went flying yesterday and all was good.
Today on start up I first had an intermittent manifold pressure indication on my EFIS, indication then dropped to 3.2 then nothing. Flew a little bit anyway since all other engine and charging indications were normal hoping vibration would fix the problem. It did not.
I removed the cowling and climbed under the panel to check all connections including removing plug on manifold pressure sensor and reinstalled. Started engine, still no indication. Taxied for a few minutes, no change. A friend climbed in and got under the panel to tap manifold pressure sensor box while engine was running. No change.
Questions -
1. are there Different manifold pRessure sensors offered based on engine and/or AFS system?
2. My manifold pressure sensor did not have a sticker on it showing part number but my friend with an AFS 3500 and an IO-320 engine said my box looked like his. His part number is 41.400. Is that the part I need?
3. Am I missing something else I should be checking?

Thank you for any help