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Thread: Flight Data Options

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    Flight Data Options

    Hi. I can only download the "Last Flight". The screen shows options for 5, 10, 20 hour. But they are slightly less bright and pressing the button does not download any data. Using 5400 system.

    I would like to be able to download the last 20 hours of data for upload to savvy...


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    Assuming the latest software; there are two factors at play here, if [ALL] is grey then the EFIS thinks there is no place to store the logs and its having an issue finding the USB or SD Card. If just [X HRS] are grey then there the EFIS logs don't contain that many hours of data. Then you can just use [ALL] to capture as much as possible from the EFIS.
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    Thanks Shawn.

    [All] and [Last] are available. the [x HRS] are greyed out. I insert my SD card and the system recognizes. I downloaded system files and that check out fine. SD card worked. When I select [All] it starts to download then fails (locks up). Once I saw a brief screen message saying I/O error.

    I ought to be able to use the [x HRS] option as I just completed a multi leg x-country from Minnesota to California of 11 hours in 1 day. Last just gave me the last leg. [All] fails. and no capability to use [x HRS].

    Thanks. LMK what you need to help diagnose.

    PS. This is the MFD

    PPS. I just upgraded the system software to latest. PFD was fine on ground. MFD only upgraded with the engine running. Otherwise I was getting a "NPX" error message.

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