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Thread: Flying an LPV approach

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    Flying an LPV approach

    When flying an LPV approach do I need to manually switch from Vertical Alt to Vertical Arm or will my 4500 switch automatically?

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    Yes, you will need to place the EFIS into ARM to allow the NAV switch over. ALT is altitude bug -> ARM is wait for couple while flying bug -> NAV is coupled and alt bug ignored.
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    That’s a little confusing. Are you saying that when I have my EFIS in Lat Nav, Vertical will automatically switch to Arm? I understand having Lat in Nav to follow the course, not in HDG. But please clarify whether I have to manually select Vert Arm or if left in Vert Alt with Lat Nav the EFIS will automatically switch to Arm.

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    you need to be vertical arm not alt
    ive had my plane for10 years and always left my efis in ver arm
    somehow it got changed to vert alt and ap would not couple
    once couple it changes to nav

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