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Thread: PDA360EX-R and AFS5600 (non-touch)

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    PDA360EX-R and AFS5600 (non-touch)

    I have the first generation AFS 5600 (non-touch) and in the panel planning stages of the build. I am thinking about using the VAL 2KR COM and NAV radios as well as the PDA360EX-R. Just making sure the radios and audio panel will be compatible with the version of software for the earlier version (I guess proper term is the OS1?)

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    You will need to upgrade the EFIS to get support for the PDA360EX-R. The VAL's are supported though. Call us at 503-263-0037 x 2 to get a upgrade quote. Before you do, from your CHECK -> ABOUT page, note the OS: and BB: numbers for the most accurate quote.
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