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Thread: Vpx disappears

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    Vpx disappears

    Been a continuous nuisance on secondary not primary screen that my electrical configuration of vpx goes gray on both secondary screens. Have to every now and then add and save vpx in order to display electrical data on those screens. Anyone else experiencing this?
    Dave Ford

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    Assuming its wired directly to the primary screen you might have an ethernet issue. By chance do you have a WXWorx XM receiver? You could also send us System logs can show some valuable data in these issues.

    Attach the *.ALS file from each screen and send it to
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    No xm but I will send logs to see if you can find something, thanks.
    Dave Ford

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    Hi Dave,

    Did you find a resolution for this?

    Mine also does it The VPX is connected to a serial port on the primary display. Sometimes, maybe every 4 or 5 flights, the secondary screen ends up with the flap indicator showing with the red X after boot up. When this happens I know I have to go into the settings because the electrical configuration has reverted back to "OFF". I have to change it back to ON and select VPX Pro, then save. Then it's good for another few flights.

    Mine has been like this since I installed it back in 2016 so it is not related to a particular software upgrade.

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    Mine still does it sporadically but haven’t been able to spot a pattern to it nor have I yet sent logs in. On my list though to follow up on.
    Dave Ford

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    I have not had this problem reoccur since I loaded V16 software. I probably have 20 flights or more since the last time this happened.

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