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    Pitch Adj

    I'm I missing something or is the pitch adj button not on the EFIS button option page anymore? I can't find it.

    And perhaps I'm doing it wrong but with my tailwheel Sportsman, I remember adjusting in flight but it was not saved.
    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
    Glasair Sportsman N9GZ

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    I agree that it is hard to find but look at page 21 of the V15.0 pilot guide far right end of the lower buttons and you should see it. I haven't changed the setting for a while now but once you get there ------
    hope this helps. Larry

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    That's where I was looking for it on my display but the Pitch Adj button is no longer there. Will have to go back to the plane and check again.
    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
    Glasair Sportsman N9GZ

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    If you are a AF-5400 you might just have missed the software update

    08/22/2019 Vx15.01.21-TOUCH-MV16 Fixes missing PITCH/ROLL/HDG Adjust in SET->AHRS menu for AF-5400
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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