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Thread: Feature Request: Clear air wake turbulence prediction.

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    Feature Request: Clear air wake turbulence prediction.

    With ADSB data it seems like it would possible to look at your flight path and predict if you going to go through a wake of heavy. I have known a lot of people who got pounded pretty hard by this. My plan is to fly high most of the time and I worry a bit about this in congested areas. After thinking about this I looked to see if there are any papers on it and there are:

    Works as prior art so to clear up any IP claims.

    Would be kind a cool feature


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    Long time ago, (say 1994)fellow from NCAR used a LIDAR radar to measure the winds aloft, overhead a point, in Northern Colorado. He could do this in clear air at 1000 ft intervals. He could also see and measure turbulence with it. But for airliners, here was a way, if properly placed on the nose of a plane, you could “see” turbulence ahead f the aircraft.

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    Seems like a cool feature but would require quite a bit of processing. Probably a feature that would need next generation hardware.
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