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Thread: Ignition Timing displayed on 5500T

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    Ignition Timing displayed on 5500T

    Not sure if this is discussed elsewhere but I’m working on bringing the ignition timing spark advance into the EFIS for display. I currently have a small LCD that is becoming hard to read and some of the numbers don’t display anymore. I have an Electroair electronic ignition on the right side with auto plugs on the bottom and a Slick impulse mag on the left firing fine wire plugs on the top. Since the AFS EFIS does not read the millivolt output of the Electroair ignition controller I am using the Lightspeed L2E EFIS adapter from Flight Data Systems per Rob’s recommendation. It just so happens that Lightspeed uses the same volt to timing advance ratio as the Electroair of .01V = 1 degree of timing advance. The L2E will convert the millivolts to volts for compatibility with the AFS EFIS.

    I’m mounting the L2E close to the controller on the recommendation of Flight Data Systems. This is prevent signal data loss and get the strongest signal to the L2E. The L2E will be powered by one of the 5V power output pins of the 5500T EFIS. FDS also recommends grounding the L2E at the same place that the ignition controller is grounded. The spark advance will be wired into the unused “coolant temp” gauge and renamed as “ignition timing” and configured as per AFS instructions.

    I also have a separate switch that provides the power to the MAP sensor. If the electronic ignition malfunctions I can turn the power to the MAP sensor off and the electronic ignition side will default to a 25 degree timing.

    Haven’t got everything up and running yet but confident it will work well, not too difficult to do once you figure out how everything interfaces. If anyone has this combination and wants to display electronic ignition timing in the EFIS the guys at Flight Data Systems are very knowledgeable and great to work with- good luck!
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