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Thread: Connecting AFS 5600 with Garmin Aera 660

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    Connecting AFS 5600 with Garmin Aera 660


    Struggling to connect my AFS with a Garmin Aera 660 for it to drive my navigation.

    I suppose it works the same way as the Garmin 396/496 and it outputs RS-232 Serial 4800 or 9600 NMEA format, but I can't seem to get it working. The system is not responding to any GPS signal. I have not connected the data ground wire - only the TX and RX... could that be the reason for garbled data ? Should I consider the Aera 660 as a 396/496 and select NMEA/AVTN as input instead of NMEA 4800 ?

    The setup of my MFD with the connection to Serial #1 as NMEA 4800 and my GPS Source 3 set to Serial 1:

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    This shows the setup (only setup possible) on the Garmin Aera 660:

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    When I do a loopback test I only see this (also tried to disconnect and that returns no data back (so there is a connection). Does the loopback look correct (what should I expect to see) ?

    Hope you can help?

    Per - RV6A - Denmark
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    Resolved by providing good Serial connection ground. It works great.

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