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Thread: Air Avionics, Air Traffic and Flarm

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    Air Avionics, Air Traffic and Flarm

    I bought an Air Traffic by Air Avionics that works as receiver for Flarm and ADSB. This Unit has 3 output interfaces for my avionics. The first is going to my Transponder as GPS Position (NMEA 4800 baut RMC), the second one ist going to the Aera 660 (Garmin TIS 9600) an the third one is planned for the AFS 3500S.

    Since i can change the Dataformat between Garmin TIS protocol, Flarm Protocol or use the the ARINC429 output. The only thing that is wired to my ARINC Adapter ist the AFS Pilot (no Garmin 430/530) .

    The installation Manual says, that if i use the Garmin-TIS the Non Bearing Traffic is limited, but not if i use the Flarmprotocol or the ARINC429.

    Are there any Limitations from the 3500S ? Should the ARINC429 work or does the 3500s Support the Farmprotocol?

    Vans RV7a flying D-EMRV

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    You need to use Garmin TIS format
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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