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Thread: AF5600T + IFD550 in "demo" mode

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    AF5600T + IFD550 in "demo" mode

    I have a recently installed AFS QuickPanel containing AF5600T PFD + AF5700T MFD + AF5600T CoPilot screen, the ACM-ECB module, and an IFD550. All in a not-yet-flying RV-10. All software is the "latest", 15.1.19 for AFS and for the Avidyne.

    To learn a bit more about driving the panel I put the Avidyne in "demo" mode, and was able to add and fly/simulate a flight plan. However, the AF5xxx screens were still obtaining ADAHRS data from the 72200 ADAHRS module, so on the AF5600T PFD synthetic vision I appeared to be flying sideways at zero altitude. Words can't describe how disturbing that is.

    At Osh a few weeks ago I saw Rob carry a panel into the tent which had the same (AF5600T + IFD550) configuration, enter a flight plan, and set it flying - presumably in IFD550 demo mode. It all worked, of course.

    Is there some sort of "special" setup required to make this work (demo mode)? I've read manuals and scratched my head a fair bit about it, but can't seem to find a way to have the AF5x00T's get their ADAHRS information from the IFD550 in demo mode.



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    We have a demo mode that we use for shows, currently it is pretty complicated to make it work. I will see what it would take to make an easy demo mode that you could use.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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