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Thread: Help with icon identification

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    Help with icon identification

    AFS 4500 with Uavionix. Noticed an icon that I don’t see in the users manual. It is a yellow ring maybe 1000’ in diameter. Not a yellow circle as only the boarder is yellow. Next to it is “SFC 15 AGL” which sounds like a form of airspace. However it is over grazing land miles from human activity. I decided to fly over it to see what it was and is seemed to be moving however that could have been an illusion.

    Maybe drone? I’ve spent hours over this area as practice and the only life is cows and coyotes.
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    Try or the FAA UAS map

    Does it come and go with ADS-B?
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    I’ve seen them twice. Next time up I’ll go over the area. Can the 4500 save a screen shot?

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