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Thread: Remote nav lost glideslope

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    Remote nav lost glideslope

    I have the Val nav2kr remote nav receiver as a nav source for my 5600, use it as backup or secondary for vor and ils approaches but recently have lost glideslope on an ils approach. Seems to have happened coincidentally while I had been changing settings for other reasons. Are there any settings that would cause me to get a flagged glideslope?
    Dave Ford

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    Flagged glide slope is a nav signal issue. 2kr would be the nav antenna signal being invalid or low strength. Did you change anything between the Val and its antenna?
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Only checking connectors, maybe where the problem lies.
    Dave Ford

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    By chance found a defective bnc connection at nav radio input. Was a strand of ground cable caught between crimp ring and center conductor intermittently shorting. Must have been a late night assembly of that connector, usually I’m pretty anal about those. Humbled but happy it’s found.
    Dave Ford

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