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Thread: Lost weight and balance config and now the screen flickers badly

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    Lost weight and balance config and now the screen flickers badly

    Hi AFS,

    I mention the following recent events in case they are somehow related. Until Dec 2017, my 4500EE has been downright stable. Firmware is 8.08.35-MV16 and was updated years ago. I've got ~525 hours on the unit.

    Back in December, the weight-and-balance data file on the SD card became corrupted. Irony: Of course, this happened during my IFR checkride. Anyway, restored the file on both SD cards (I rotate through a pair of SD cards so that I can update the unused one at the house then just swap it out when I get out to the airport. I've been doing this for many years now using the same pair of SD cards). Late last month, the weight-and-balance data file was corrupted again. Not sure if it was the same SD card or not.

    This past Saturday after startup, a brief warm up, taxi to the run-up area, the screen went white. The screen was displaying normally until just before arriving to the run-up area.
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    Taxied back to the hanger and powered off everything and waited a good while. I then just turned on the master (which boots the EFIS) and the screen flickered badly while the EFIS booted. I pressed the 'I Agree' button and the regular screen appeared but badly distorted. The display never cleared up.
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    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    David Nelson

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    Give Shawn a call directly. I had a similar issue. Mine was caused by a loose internal ribbon cable. He had a document that described the process if you are comfortable with handling circuit boards and cables. It was a simple fix.
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    Thanks Bob - I just got an email from Shawn. I am/was hoping it is/was going to be that simple. I'll keep you all posted.


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    Reseated the video connector at the bezel end and all is good!

    As for the SD card problem, I'm just going to buy a new set and see if the problem persists.

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