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Thread: Questions for Shawn McGinnis

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    Questions for Shawn McGinnis

    I have dual 4500 screens in my RV 9. Just sent Rob an email with these questions but thought he may be busy getting ready for Sun n Fun and maybe my questions can be answered here.
    I am finally ready to upgrade my GPS navigator and Stein suggested the new GPS 175 from Garmin. My panel now has an Aera 510, SL-30, GTX-327 with a GDL-82 for ADS-B Out and a TruTrak Digiflight II. My questions are as follows:

    1. I would like the new Waas GPS navigator to communicate fully with the 4500 as well as the autopilot. Is this possible and does it require an ARINC? Currently I do not have an ARINC module
    2. Would like to have the option to command the autopilot from the EFIS as well as directly from the GPS. Like what Rob shows in his video of him shooting an Approach in his RV10
    3. Depict a geo referenced picture on a screen, preferably my AFS moving map screen, of my airplane shooting an Approach, command the enter into a hold, follow the hold and the missed Approach. I do have Foreflight and an iPad but would prefer to depict this on the moving map of the 4500 if at all possible
    4. Be able to pull up charts and approach plates and depict them in my EFIS system. The AFS website has an option for purchasing charts for the 4500 but has not answered my email when I asked how to buy those charts.
    5. Adding a second Comm
    6. Add an audio panel, remote to the 4500 if possible, a separate piece of equipment if that is not possible
    7. Get ADS-B In and FIS weather and have them both depicted on my 4500 moving map. (I was told this can be done but the person who told me that said that it was not reliable. I do not know what he meant by that.)
    8. Upgrade the autopilot to be able to have altitude preselect and capture and fly the glide slope. I understand the TruTrak Vizion 385 can do this with an LPV Approach and that is acceptable but was wondering if AFS offers any other choices. Would like an autopilot head like Rob shows in his RV 10.

    I realize I may not be able to do all this with my 4500 system but would like to know what can be done with my system and what equipment I will need to add to do those things. I have been thinking and contemplating this upgrade for some time and am now ready to move forward. I understand that an upgrade to the 5600 will do everything I am asking but that is not possible right now.
    Thank you

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    1. Yes it requires an AF-ARINC module to talk to the 4500 -> AP -> and Navigator
    2. That's already part of the software once the AP is connected to the AF-4500 with ARINC.
    3. The AF-4500 can display the plate and then your aircraft is drawn on the plate.
    4. The AF-4500 doesn't have the capability to use sectional charts only plate. Consider upgrading to an AF-5000 series display.
    5. Ok
    6. The AF-4500 doesn't have any remote audio panel control. Consider upgrading to an AF-5000 series display.
    7. The most common ADS-B for the AF-4500 is the echoUAT. An AF-5000 has more options.
    8. That's also already part of the software.
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thank you Shawn. Much appreciated

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    With the ARINC module if I upgrade to the TruTrak Vizion 385 autopilot will I be able to fully command all altitudes, preselect, select, step down, LPV approach m

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagonia View Post
    With the ARINC module if I upgrade to the TruTrak Vizion 385 autopilot will I be able to fully command all altitudes, preselect, select, step down, LPV approach m
    Yes, see my more detailed answer on VAF.
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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    Thank you sir. I did see your more detailed answer.

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