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Thread: What autopilot

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    What autopilot

    I have dual 4500 screens.
    I will be adding a new Waas GPS, and audio panel, an ARINC and am interested in upgrading my autopilot. Currently I have the Trutrak Digiflight II SV. I would like the new autopilot to:

    Be able to track the glide slope, LPV or ILS or both
    Communicate with my EFIS in order to command the autopilot from the EFIS screen
    Track and fly an internal flight plan from my EFIS

    I understand from speaking with TruTrak that the AFS Trutrak autopilot is no longer in production.
    Any recommendations please?

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    The tt Vizion 385 integrates well with afs efis providing push button level, push button 180, cws in addition to coupled approaches, intercepts. Does all you’re asking about. Also with Dynon servos you can get ias climb rate. Strange my tt servos can’t keep up though for ias climb. Older & not fast enough I guess.
    Dave Ford

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    I have come to the same conclusion after speaking with TT. Was wondering if there were any other options before I pull the plug.

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