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Thread: ADS-B out for F.U.N.K.E. Transponder/NMEA Format RMC 4800

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    ADS-B out for F.U.N.K.E. Transponder/NMEA Format RMC 4800

    To send out an ADS-B out with my TRT 800 Transponder F.U.N.K.E.(or Funkwerk or Filser) i need a Serial Interface (RS232) with the following Data:

    NMEA-Format, data format RMC is expected 4800 Baud rate,
    AR-NAV: Bendix King KLN 89B, KLN 94: “Standard RS232 Sentence”, KMD 150: “Sentence Type 1” Garmin 400 Series: “Sentence Type 1” (with and without altitude data) 9600 Baud rate
    Freefligt GPS/WAAS Sensor 1201 NexNav NNL 3101, 19200 Baud rate

    Setting for all described GPS-systems: 1 ... 2 position messages per 2 sec.

    This is only for Europe: Using serial interface a GPS receiver can be connected to broadcast own position via ADS-B Out position message. Position could be received by other appropriately equipped aircrafts and processed for
    collision avoidance ADS-B Out functionality. Connecting a GPS source will not comply to FAA certification requirements with regard to ADS-B.

    Since i have 3 GPS Sources at the Moment (Aera 660 wired to the 3500S, AFS GPS PUK (Garmin) wired to the 3500S, and an 3. one to the Powerflarm) i dont whant a 4. one.

    Is there a chance that one of the serial Ports can provide this Data?

    Vans RV7a flying D-EMRV

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    The EFIS can provide NMEA RMC @ 4800 or Aviation @ 9600. Probably the easiest is to transmit Aviation from the serial port that is receiving from the 660 feeds into the EFIS. If your 660 is set for NMEA 9600 use NMEA/AVTN or use 660 Aviation with our setting AVTN/AVTN.

    If you are port limited you could get the data from the aera 660 directly with a tee.
    Shawn McGinnis

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