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    AP Settings Question

    Hi - This is a relatively stupid question, but here goes: when all of my config/settings files were obliterated a few months ago, Rob kindly helped me piece most of it back together. However, I'm wondering about the AP setting. I've experienced some porpoising with the EFIS AP engaged. It's not consistent, but it happens maybe every third time I use AP. It's a pretty vigorous up/down nose motion that forces me to disengage the AP. So I checked the AP setting and TruTrak is selected: . After confirming in my POH, I realize I have a Dynon Advanced Flight Systems AP. So I'm assuming that I should change this setting to select the AFS AP option, yes? And would this explain the porpoising behavior?


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    The AF-Pilot was made by TruTrak so leave the setting as shown in your screenshot.

    First, fly the AP using just the AF-Pilot without EFIS mode. This is probably nice and smooth as your EFIS settings were what was lost.

    Then, change decrease the Altitude Gain until it smooths out. If it gets sluggish you will need to go back up.
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