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Thread: 5400 functions

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    5400 functions

    I thought i understood most of the differences with the 5400t. However cannot remember how to dim. Also cannot figure how to reboot. Anybody know? Thanks

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    to dim on the 4500 and the 5500 it was available on the checklist page?

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    Thanks. It is on the knobs. Duh. Still cannot figure how to reboot

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    Can't answer the reboot question for the 5400, not found in the manual. The 5500 and other 5000 series with knobs vertical on the right side use top knob along with the left bottom row knob to reboot per the manual. Let us know what AFS says.

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    AF-5400 Reboot: Hold both the left knob and the leftmost button until it reboots, this takes about 15 seconds.
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