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Thread: Instrument check ride partial panel afs glass cockpit

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    Instrument check ride partial panel afs glass cockpit

    Currently undergoing ifr training with 3 screen afs panel, no other backups at this time. The question has come up how an examiner will accomplish failing instruments for the required partial panel non precision approach with this setup? It would be too easy to simply use another screen so not sure what is being done. Anyone with similar instrument check ride experience or knowledge of current procedures?
    Dave Ford

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    I can’t tell you what an examiner would do. My checkride was ove twenty years ago.

    My last IPC, my CFII gave up trying to fail things. I have just about redundant everything. My Achilles heal is that I have a non certified gps as a backup to my certified one.

    The academic exercise is pretty straight forward. Walk through every avionics device and document what you would do if it ceased to work and know it cold for the checkride.
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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