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Thread: Only GPS 1 is visable

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    Only GPS 1 is visable

    My system is the 5600 recently installed by a TN shop. I have a Garmin 400 WAAS (a 430 with no comms) that runs into the ARINC, I believe the 5600 also runs through there to the Trutrac Digiflight II AP. Currently the only GPS source visible anywhere on my system is GPS 1 which is the internal. To further complicate things the the auto pilot is seeing NONE of the NAV sources.

    How do I get it all talking?


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    The 400 is a 430 minus the nav and comm. So the only data feeding the EFIS would be GPS1 which would be the Aviation serial data from the 400. The EFIS doesn't have an internal GPS but if you are referring to a GPS-250 or GPS-2020 then your data sources probably need to be tweaked.

    GPS/NAV Data Source #1 should point to the Aviation serial port.
    GPS/NAV Data Soruce #2 should point to the GPS-250/2020 if installed
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    That did the trick...thx

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