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Thread: Cannot hear XM radio

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    Cannot hear XM radio

    Finally had my system installed in my RV8 by a shop in TN and have a couple of issues. I'll address them in separate threads.

    I have the WXWorx system installed and the XM music subscription activated. I can go to the ABOUT page and see the the antenna is getting a strong signal and all the radio ID information is correct. I can go to to the RADIO page and see all of the active channels and I can select them, but I am getting no sound regardless of what combination I select in the remote mounted audio panel.

    In caveman terms......How do I get the music from inside the box to inside my headset?

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    Have you turned up the XM's volume on the EFIS? CHECK -> RADIO -> VOL(rotate)
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    We didn't have the output audio from the WXWorx set up correctly. Once that was done we were good to go

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