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    I have a 5500T and the Dynon 470. The 5500 is not displaying any TFRs or wx. I am receiving traffic.

    Is this a know software issue?

    Thank you.


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    I had the same problem and found out that I didn't have the weather turned on. Across the bottom one of the buttons (weather) allows you to select which weather you have and turn it on or off IIRC. The set button may have to be pushed to display the correct menu across the bottom. I am not at the hanger or I would walk you through it. This of course assuming that you have the serial port set up for the ADSB correctly. Something to look at anyway? Larry

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    Well, I thought I had wx turned on. Now I will have to check it out tomorrow morning. I am getting traffic through ads-b

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    I was getting traffic too but no weather. Looking at the manual it appears that the map page is where the WX setting is. Pilot guide V15.0 page 22.

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    I flew day and verified that I was receiving ground station data and could view the TFR text data on the TFR page. What I misunderstood was how the TFR and WX graphic data was displayed. That data does display on the default map screen but does not display on the Sectional screen. When I fly VFR I select the Sectional for display.

    Is this the design intent? I could not find a configuration setting to have TFR/WX data on the Sectional or am I missing something? If it is working as intended may I request that data also be displayed on Sectionals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sahrens View Post
    If it is working as intended may I request that data also be displayed on Sectionals.
    This is currently under development but no firm date on when it will be supported.
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