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Thread: LPV glide path indicator

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    LPV glide path indicator

    I have a GTN 650 GPS/COM connected to my AFS4500. When I tune an ILS, I can get the glide slope indicator to show up on the 4500 display, but the glide path indicator won

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    Are you thinking the Flight Path Marker? This might be turned off, try EFIS -> SETTINGS -> MORE -> TARGET
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    No, not the green circle. The GPS version of the glide slope indicator.

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    Make sure the VLOC button on your 650 makes the CDI go from green to magenta. Also, your EFIS should show a GPS glideslope and CDI needle when the 650 is on the test page. If either of these things is not operable, please give us a call.

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    That’s good info. I’ll try that next time I fly and let you know.
    Update: Both tests failed. I have a feeling it is a wiring issue. I’ll double check the connections and let you know the results.
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    chardks, We haven't been able to connect via telephone. Can you or someone else at AFS give me an idea where to start my troubleshooting? Attached is how I have the GTN650 and AFS4500 ARINC 429 wired together. I confirmed the connections are as they are depicted in the diagram.

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    What I found helpful was the ARINC diagnostic page in the 650 setup. Ken may have to tell you the label name for the glideslope. He told me once, but I don't remember them. Just ensure that you see 0's and 1's. If you see all 0's you may have an open circuit or one of the ARINC interfaces isn't working. In my case, it was the ARINC receiver in the Vizion that was dead. Also, you won't see any data on the glideslope label unless you're flying the glideslope. In the hangar, that particular label will always be 0's. But you can testing things like heading mode and some of the other functions in the hangar, which would validate basic ARINC functionality.
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    On the GTN ARINC 429 IN diagnostics page, I’m getting:
    - Label field. 121, 104, 320, 314, 000, 117, etc
    - SSM field. 00 or 11
    - Data field. 1’s and 0’s
    - SDI field. Always 00

    When GTN is displaying the test screen right after boot-up, the glide path indicator doesn’t get displayed on the EFIS.

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