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Thread: Serial ports again...

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    Serial ports again...

    Hello, I see a few posts on serial port config and am not sure I follow. I've got a quick panel based on a 5600T screen, and the SV network only sees a few items. Any help or tips on where to look for issues, would be appreciated!

    System (in an RV-14A):
    Single 5600T screen for PFD
    Advanced Control Module with Electronic Circuit Breakers
    AFS/DYNON AP head, AP servos for roll/pitch
    AFS/Dynon Transponder and ADS-B module
    Single AFS/Dynon ADAHARS and Heated Pitot w/AOA
    AFS/Dynon Engine Management System
    PDA360EX audio panel
    IFD-540 navigator, with comm and nav radios
    Harnesses all supplied by AFS, except for Van's supplied tail cone harness

    Powering up, the PFD and Avidyne get juice. Flap motor and pitch trim are actuated by stick switches. 3 SV ports on the ACM are populated: Upper Left with the PFD cable, Upper Right open, Lower left with ADAHARS one from left wing, and the lower right with the AP Head. The EMS is plugged into the second SV port on the AP head. (By the way, which port is #1, #2, etc? I can't find that diagram!)

    But, the SV Network page in Config only lists 3 boxes on the network: The ACM, the PFD, and the AP Head. I've tried to re-assign the serial ports, but nothing changes. I can't get it to see the other boxes on the network. It does get a position and quality signal from the GPS, as it reports location and an integrity issue when not able to find satellites.

    Any pointers appreciated! I can wait till Monday to call AFS, but am excited to get something done ASAP! Thanks a lot for advice.

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    OK, I was obviously confusing the serial ports with the SV network ports on the ACM.

    The issue was the SV network wasn't working properly, due to a mis-wired autopilot servo. This failed the network and made the EMS and ADAHRS units not report properly.

    If anyone else is having SV Network trouble, what I learned from this is to isolate things. Unplug servos from the ACM, unplug SV network boxes. Add them back slowly until you find the culprit.

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