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Thread: GTN-635 with the AF4500

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    GTN-635 with the AF4500

    Any issues with talking to a GTN-635 from an AF-4500? The both do arinc429 so I would think that they would work, but the documentation is old now, and wanted to confirm.

    The GTN-635 is missing the nav radio, so will that cause any issues, or will the AF-4500 expect radio nav information on it's arinc 429 interface?


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    I wouldn't think that there should be any issues. I had a GTN650 working with my 4500s before I upgraded to 5500s. The GTN series is for the most part work the same across the line. (except for the obvious feature differences) All the GPS steering data comes over ARINC. The obvious thing is due to the lack of NAV source, you're limited to GPS approaches only. (unless you have another NAV source)
    Bob Leffler
    N410BL - RV10 - Flying

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