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Thread: AF-2500 coolant temp sensor input and display

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    AF-2500 coolant temp sensor input and display

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if there is a way to connect and display coolant temp on a Rotax 912 install.

    Kind regards,


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    Thank for the views,

    Im going to try using OAT or CHT6

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    If you use our OAT sensor it should work. Hooking it to a different sensor would be tricky as the probe is a custom current-based output.

    If you have an ungrounded J thermocouple you could use CHT5/6, I would recommend placing a jumper wire between - and + of the unused EGT/CHT inputs to keep them from floating. You will also probably need to turn off the low red warning zone.
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    Ya right. I also think it will work out. Lets try.

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